JOE PYNE -- The first and best of the Shock Jocks!

Television Show Topics

It is truly amazing how little the national dialogue has changed since Joe Pyne was on the air. Many of the names of the guests have been forgotten, but we are still talking about and debating the pros and cons of the same things -- Politics, Civil Rights, World Affairs, Medicine, Science, Social Problems, Love, Sex, Mysticism, the Occult, Marijuana, Astrology, Cults and New Religions, Vivisection, UFOs, Consumer Affairs, Homosexuality, Transgenderality, Smoking, Hypnosis, Alcoholism, Gambling, Sexually-Transmitted Diseases -- the subjects are all familiar to us, even if the names of many of Joe's guests are not.  Of course, Joe occasionally went a step further, such as his interview of the "Spiritualist Minister" who has been to Venus, and bullfighting, and stigmata, and assorted mystics in contact with the spiritual world.  Whatever else the programs were, they were never dull or uninteresting. These are specifics about the guests and topics on the 121 90-minute programs that we have cataloged; there are more than 100 other tapes that will remain a mystery until they are digitalized.  


1.  DR. OTTO SCHIRN and REVEREND HENRY SCHROERLUKE debate the question of anti-genocide legislation. (Dr. Schirn pro and Schroerluke, as a civil libertarian, says no)

2.  CHARLES COGEN, President of the American Federation of Teachers, defends the right of the teacher to organize and strike.  MR. TED BASS of the CTA (NEA) says we shouldn’t and discusses the competition between the two groups.

2.  DOYLE TAYLOR, Director of the Department of Investigation of the American Medical Association, discussed the AMA’s decision to make an all-out attack on chiropractic, food faddists, health food manufacturers, etc.


1.  ALLEN NOONAN, self-styled Messiah who has a large following who live in a communal “village” (his warehouse). He believes in the re-distribution of wealth and, if need be, the taking of food and clothing and shelter when critically needed.

2.  CLARK POLLACK, editor and publisher of Drum magazine, who heads a committee to abolish the laws prohibiting the homosexual from serving in the armed forces.  He contends that there are many thousands now serving and who did serve and distinguished themselves in WWI and WWII as well as Korea and Viet Nam.  He believes that the laws are “foolish.”

3.  PROF. CECIL JOHNSON is a college teacher who has been criticized for his frank discussions of sex, marijuana and LSD in his “biology classrooms.”  He admitted the use of “datura,” one of the original hallucinogenics, and did it for experimental reasons so he could discuss it with his students “intelligently.”

 SHOW HT #3 

1.  LAWRENCE LADER is the author of Abortion.  He speaks out strongly on the need of “not just therapeutic abortion” and on the Catholic dogmas.  He is debated from the “dock” by a Catholic.

2.  DR. NELSON WILLIAMS, founder and director of the Unity Science Church who was recently indicted for “practicing medicine without a license.”  His seemingly innocuous lectures contain “touches” of anti-Semitism and anti-Negro feeling.

3.  TERRANCE RALLINAN, National Executive Secretary and organizer of the W.E.B. Dubois Clubs, discusses his problems with the Justice Department and the Katzenbach edict.


1.  PROFESSOR VASANT MARCHANT is a lady from India who teaches aboard “The University Of The Seven Seas.”  She has unique ideas regarding education, and contends that no action is needed on birth control in India, only education.

2.  TERRY T. OLENDER, a female former deputy district attorney and author of My Life in Crime.  She advocates the use of any trick needed to win, either as prosecutor or defense counsel.  She is debated from the dock by an attorney in the audience.

3.  TERRY O’REILLEY and CHRIS NORBY JR. , two 19-year old college students, debate the population explosion and solutions (such as birth control, enforced sterilization, etc.).  Terry is Loyola debating champion; Chris is the founder of the group “Knights of Nature” that believe “enforcement” is needed to curb the population explosion.  Joined by other students from the dock.


1.  GERI TURNER DAVIS, author of A Cat Called Jesus.

2.  DORA DENNIS, a woman who contacted Houdini.

3.  MIKE WHITTEMORE, May 2nd Movement, aid to North Viet Nam.


1.  REV. URIAH FIELDS - “Does the Black Man Want the White Man’s White Woman?”

2.  STEVEN VIZCENSEY, author of the book In Praise of Older Women.

“faith healers.”


1.  GYPSY BOOTS - nature boy, food fads, etc.

2.  MICHAEL LASKI discussed the split in the U.S. Communist Party


1.  EMILE FRANCHEL and DAVID STANLEY SASSO introduce the premise - regression, incarnation.... for the first segment.  Franchel is to “hypnotize” Sasso off camera and return later

2.  RUDY VALLE expresses some acidulous views about the American scene - Viet Nam, politics, etc.

3.  FRANCHEL and SASSO return for the “interview while he is under hypnosis.”


1.  MRS. JEAN MAYO, Secretary of the “Timothy Leary Defense Fund” is opposed to recent legislation in California and Nevada restricting the use of LSD in other than medical experiments.  She feels that Dr. Leary’s 3-year jail sentence for the use of marijuana is unwarranted and unfair.  She also advocates the legalization of marijuana.

2.  JEROME LLOYD studied extensively for the Roman Catholic priesthood but left before ordainment because he could not “live” with many of the dogmas such as birth control and divorce.  He continues to study to be a priest though he plans “his own church” if he is not accepted into Roman Catholicism.

3.  PATTY NEWMAN and JOYCE WENGER are two housewives who have authored the controversial Pass the Poverty Please which is a satirical attack on the Poverty Program and the Office of Economic Opportunity.  They cite examples of waste and boondoggling.  A former Youth Opportunity Board worker “debates” them from the dock.


1.  HELEN GURLEY BROWN, editor of Cosmopolitan discusses her new book Outrageous Opinions as well as her outrageous opinions on just about everything.  Two young Berkeley undergraduates “give her a hard time” from the dock and two housewives say “bunk.”

2.  JEAN-PIERRE HALLET, author of Congo Kitabu and UBAN A. OMERIGBO, a student from West Africa, clash over whether “cannibalism” still exists in Africa in general, and in the Congo in particular.  Two Congolese students appear in the dock to oppose Hallet, call him a liar, an exploiter of the Congo, and the author of an inaccurate document.

3.  FRANK PICKARD teaches “the metaphysical approach to money” and is the inventor of an “electronic tranquilizer energizer” which is a battery-operated helmet with anodes attached to the temple that emit a beep when the wearer is having guilty, obscene, and similar thoughts.  It works!  A man in the dock tries on another and it “lights up” when he is agonizing.


1.  JAMES MEREDITH discusses the Mississippi march, his shooting, his breaking the race barrier to get into ol’ Miss.  He discusses the differences between the various Civil Rights organizations.  Considerable opposition and support from the dock.

2.  KENT COURTNEY publishes the very conservative New Orleans Independent American.  He calls for the abolition of the income tax, the election of Governor Wallace for President, the cessation of all urban renewal which is “only a socialist plot” and freedom of choice as “opposed to segregation or integration.”  He is attacked from the dock by a young civil rights worker.


1.  HON. BASIL BLECK, a high-ranking British Information Officer attached to the British Consul General’s Office.  He defends Her Majesty’s position on Rhodesia and the Ian Smith Government, as well as the British doing business with th4e North Vietnamese.  He is debated vigorously by a Rhodesian student and members of the “Friends of Rhodesia” from the dock.

2.  REV. KENNETH GOFF is Director and Founder of “The Soldiers of the Cross,” a movement with its camp and headquarters in Englewood, Colorado.  He admits teaching, in addition to the “Christian Bible,” judo and karate.

3.  JOHN McMASTERS is the first “Clear” in the Scientology movement, which means that he has been “audited” by that group and found to be nearly perfect.  This world-wide organization believes that they are the only “ones” who can save the world from total destruction.  Their tenets seem to be a combination of Dr. Peale, and self-help philosophies.

SHOW HT #13 

1.  MR. WILFRED T. USSERY is national Chairman of The Congress of Racial Equality (“CORE”).  He discusses civil disobedience, why riots and demonstrations are more prevalent in the North, instead of in the South.  He explains why CORE called the White House Conference on Civil Rights “rigged” and a “hoax.”

2.  DR. PAUL POPINOE is President of The American Institute Of Family Relations; he stresses less, or no “romance” before marriage, believing that this ensures fidelity and stability after marriage.  He is the author of Are Virgins Out of Date and other publications regarding marriage.

3.  DR. DARE MILLER is the inventor of a Pavlovian type of device that can train “any” dog to follow a variety of commands in minutes.  He demonstrates with a 1-year old Doberman Pinscher; he has him sitting, coming, and lying down in 8 minutes.

4.  FRANK EDWARDS is a former controversial AFL newscaster, on the Mutual Network, who admitted being fired for expressing his views about UFOs and his disagreement with the Pentagon.  He has written a new book, Flying Saucers, Serious Business.

SHOW HT #14 

1.  MRS. HELEN NELSON - Of the President’s Consumer Advisory Council and chief consultant in California on illegal practices against the consumer.  She illustrates with cartons, weighs, etc., the various manner sin which the producer could get away with overpricing and “under packaging.”

2.  KENTON CUMMINGS heads a public relations campaign to get laws making marijuana illegal, abolished.  He sells buttons which state “I PUSH POT,” distributes leaflets, and sells literature which shows reports (etc.) that prove the weed is harmless and non-habit-forming.  He is debated from the dock by a former addict and crusader against the us of any hallucinogens.

3.  DR. WILLIAM F. DUBOIS “Bishop of the Old Catholic Church.”  He gives preaches sermons in his own church calling for excusable adultery, the teaching of East Indian ideologies including Yoga, and “chakras.”  He says his “mental science” is the same as that taught by Jesus and therefore Christ is the founder of his church.

SHOW HT #15 

1.  DR. ASHTON JONES is a minister who has spent a great deal of time in southern jails because of his civil rights activities.  He recently was released after spending 58 days of an 18-month sentence for “disturbing divine worship”... he attempted to worship in a Negro church.

2.  DR. HERMAN FEIFEL is the nation’s leading expert on ‘death”.  He heads clinical psychiatry departments at both USC and a VA hospital, where he conducted a study in which he interviewed dying people.

3.  GLENN FRAIKIN is the author of Inside Nevada Gambling, and SHERLOCK FELDMAN is a pit boss and executive at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas.  Fraikin says he has a system by which he can beat the house at a 21 table if they’ll let him play; he accuses “most hotels of cheating with the cooperation of the various authorities.”  Mr. Feldman debates him regarding these statements as well as many others.  Fraikin’s book is very controversial, in that it names names.

SHOW HT #16 

1.  REVEREND VIOLET GILPERT is a Spiritualist minister who is an expert in “akashi,” magnetic healing, and so on.  She has visited Venus (in 1939) and since has been in contact with beings on other planets.

2.  DR. EUGENE EAGLE is a San Francisco optometrist who first came to national prominence when he joined Berkeley students in the Anti-Viet Nam demonstrations.  He is an identified and admitted communist and says our news is “managed” so that the picture we have of ourselves bears no resemblance to the picture the rest of the world has of America and Americans.  He advocates an immediate withdrawal from Viet Nam.

SHOW HT #17 

1.  BRYAN CLEWER is a British national who feels that Americans have absolutely no manners and that rudeness is a “national characteristic.”  He stood for the National Anthem in the Hollywood Bowl when the Bolshoi Ballet performed and sat down promptly when the USSR Anthem was played.

2.  RT. REVEREND JAMES A. PIKE, Bishop of the California Diocese and currently on the staff of The Center For The Study of Democratic Institutions.  He discusses his beliefs regarding homosexuality, the war in Viet Nam, and so on, and engages in heated debates with dissenters in the dock.

SHOW HT #18 

1.  PHIL KERBY is the editor of the liberal Frontier Magazine who defends Linus Pauling, and the magazine’s policies, as well as his right to belong to any organization or attend meetings of groups that may have been cited by the HUAC [the House Committee on Un-American Activities, chaired by Sen. Joe McCarthy]..  Kerby contends that Prof. Pauling’s suit against th National Review should never have been dismissed.

2.  WILLIAM D. MISHBACH, M.D. and ALBERT BURGSTAHLER of the University of Kansas debate fluoridation.  The pediatrician believes fluoridated water is critical to the health of our children while the Kansas chemist says “nonsense.”  The issue is debated vigorously from the dock by people “with documentation.”

SHOW HT #19 

1.  RUDY VALLEE - The famed crooner feels that he has the right to air his views on subjects such as sex, Africa, the economy, the pompous attitude by and toward the President of the United States.  He says that entertainers should speak up about issues.

2.  STEPHEN VIZCENZEY, author of In Praise of Older Woman, says that women do not become attractive until they reach 30.

3.  REV. HERB BLACKSCHLETER and EVANGELIST RICHARD TATE are “faith healers” who accuse each other of being of the Devil.  They are debated from the dock by another faith healer, Dr. Monroe.

SHOW HT #20 

1.  MR. HYMAN BOOKBINDER is Executive Assistant to Sargent Shriver and Special Assistant to Vice President Humphrey on the poverty program.  As Administrator of the Office of Economic Opportunity he explains the minimal annual wage theory.  He is debated from the dock by Patty Newman, author of Pass the Poverty Please which is highly critical of the O.E.O.

2.  DR. SIDNEY COHEN, psychiatrist and author of The Beyond Within regarding LSD, and DR. RICHARD ALPERT, former Harvard Professor and pioneer user of psychedelic drugs, and LAWRENCE SCHILLER, photojournalist and producer of the album LSD and the book with the same title, all wit divergent views, debate the laws governing, and various aspects of the use of, LSD.  A user of LSD in the dock explains his “trips.”  He also shows 1:45 of a film of one of his “bad trips.”

SHOW HT #21 

1.  HARRY POLLARD, an executive director of the socialist-oriented “Henry George Schools.”  Mr. Pollard debates Pyne about Rhodesian American/British difficulties; he feels that the U.S. was “suckered” into allying itself with Great Britain, and contends that British shipping into Haiphong Harbor is minuscule and is not war-connected.

2. MARVIN DAVIDOW is National Field Secretary for the Committee on Non-Violence.  He discusses the CNV’s participation in the anti-American demonstrations in Saigon.

3.  ROBERT BROCK is a Negro law undergraduate who has filed a lawsuit against the United States seeking reparations for Negroes.  He is taking the issue to the floor of the General Assembly of the United Nations under the Genocide Act.

SHOW HT #22 

1.  DR. FRANK STRANGES is the author of Flying Saucerama and produced the UFO film, Phenomena 7.7.

2.  CHRIS SAUER is the inventor of the first nutcracker improvement in hundreds of years, and of ways to improve automobile safety.

3.  JOHN CASON BLACK is the founder of YANK, an organization that will present reference books to public schools, seemingly all conservative.


1.  MR. PSYCHIC makes predictions about many national and international personalities.

2.  REV. HUGH ANWYL discusses his recent Cuba, and his impressions of Castro.

3.  DAVID SUSSKIND the distinguished producer “analyzes” both Joe Pyne and the audience.  He gets into the spirit of things by calling Pyne’s audience slack-jawed and beady-eyed.


1.  MR. NERIN GUN is the author of The Day of The Americans who relates his experience in Dachau.  Mr. Gun feels Israel had no right to try Eichmann.

2.  DR. SIGMUND T. RICH is a prominent veterinarian who says new anti-vivisection law will hamstring medical research.

3.  MR. REIES LOPEZ TIJERINA is attempting to sue the United States for the return of lands he says rightfully belong to Spanish Americans.

SHOW HT #25 

1.  FRANK GRUBER is a Western historian and novelist who explodes some of the myths about the “Old West” and its heroes.

2.  FRANK WILKINSON is Executive Secretary of the Committee to Abolish The House Committee on Un-American Activities. He served a year in prison for taking the First Amendment repeatedly.

3.  MICHAEL AUSTIN is the founder of “Acqualandia” and heads a group which has taken title to “all the lands under the seas and oceans of the world.”  The group is chartered, and has already sold some “plots.”

SHOW HT #26 

1.  GODFREY CAMBRIDGE - Actor/Comedian relates stories about the “Ugly Americans” in Italy and the “Ugly French” in deGaulle land.

2.  ARNOLD ZANDER is President of the United World Federalists; discusses peace through world law and international organizations.

3.  KEITH ORR is a psychiatrist/beautician who explains how he “analyzes and helps” his clients while doing their hair.

SHOW HT #27 

1.  COLONEL WALTER CRONK is the author of a spiritual experience book, The Golden Light.  He claims that he “was a Rabbi in Jerusalem 1800 years ago”...was a hussar in the Revolutionary War...believes in reincarnation, etc.

2.  PAUL DE SAINTE COLOMBE is a former attorney turned “psycho-graphologist.”  He contends that he can change sex habits, stop drinking and smoking, improve home and financial life, all by altering the handwriting.  He gives an analysis of the handwriting of Joe Pyne and of several members of the audience.

3.  EUGENE TROPE is a noted West Coast attorney whose speciality is paternity litigation.  He lost only one case in his career.  He feels that existing laws unfairly convicted Charlie Chaplin in the Joan Barry matter.  He explains that laws vary widely between states are “hard on the accused man.”

SHOW HT #29 

1.  F. H. VANIER - President of Vanier Centres – IBM mating/dating.  Has developed system by which a person “programed”into the computer may be “analyzed”... he is joined by DR. MARCUS McBROOM, an eminent psychologist and psychotherapist who debates the reliability of such analyses.

2.  REVEREND ROBERT E. RYLAND, an Evangelical minister who calls for “one big church” as the ultimate hope for man.  He wants to combine all Christian churches.  He is joined by FATHER DANIEL LYONS, a Jesuit Priest on leave from Gonzaga University, who has just returned from View Nam.  The Padre sees no possibility that the Catholic Church would join such a combined church.

3.  GIL PORTER, Editor and Publisher’s representative for a new book, Sex-Driven People, by R. E. L. Masters, which relates case histories of extra-ordinary (“extravagant”) practices.  Pyne’s point is “what need for such a book other than sensationalism?”

SHOW HT #30 

1.  FRANK A. CAPPEL, author of Treason is the Reason” which lists 847 reasons why the State Department should be investigated.  He admits he is the same Frances A. Cappel who was found guilty of accepting bribes in 1943 when he was with the War Production Board.

2.  EDWARD SCANNEL BUTLER is the only “propaganda specialist to confront Lee Harvey Oswald” – he produces a tape recording of Oswald’s remarks about JFK made a few weeks before the assassination.  Butler says his group, “INCA,” might have headed off the murder.

3.  HARVEY FRANKLIN JOHNSTON is the President of the “National Association For The Advancement of White People”; he feels that White people are now slaves of the Negroes.  He denies any relationship with the NAAWP that bombed Joe Pyne’s car and home in Wilmington, Delaware.

SHOW HT #31 

1.  DR. WALTER MONROE is a Minister who contends that the Catholic Church contributes to anti-Semitism and that the Immaculate Conception is a myth.  He says that the Bible may be considered a “Dirty Book.”

2.  DR. H. B. DEARMAN and RUSSELL JONES.  A psychiatrist says that the lie detector is not infallible and a polygraph expert contends that it works.

3.  “DR.” ALBERT LEE BURTON says that “the Negro can only be domesticated and not educated.”  He is the author of Whole Niger or None, and claims to be a “social anthropologist” (without a degree) who has spoken many times before the Ku Klux Klan, which he believes is on the right track.

SHOW HT #32 

1.  MR. ROWLAND EVANS is the author of the controversial book that has “outraged” the President: Lyndon B. Johnson: Exercise of Power.

2.  MISS GERI SOUTHWORTH is San Francisco’s “pigeon lady” who went to jail for a month because she refused to stop feeding her feathered friends on the steps of City Hall.

3.  MR. JAY SEWELL is a wealthy businessman, who is Chairman of the “Texas Committee For Better Government.”  He and it are ultra-conservative, in favor of capital punishment, against “most” civil rights.  He is incensed that LBJ’s helicopters fly over his ranch and scare his chickens out of their wits, so that they no longer produce eggs.

SHOW HT #33 

1.  DR. RICHARD KLUCKHOHN is an anthropologist; DR. RICHARD KOHFAHL is a theologian.  They debate the issue of evolution, with Dr. Oohfahl maintaining that the Darwinian theory has been “forced” upon public school children.  He interprets the Bible literally and therefore insists that Darwin’s theory is impossible.

2.  PAUL FAY is the author of The Pleasure of His Company, in which he discusses his 21-year friendship with the late John F. Kennedy.  Mr. Fay, former Under Secretary of the Navy during the Kennedy Administration, recalls many anecdotes about the martyred President.

SHOW HT #34 

1.  ANGELO MANTELLO is a Connecticut barber who has invented a baldness-prevention pillow.  He maintains that baldness can be prevented, must be prevented, and will be prevented, if you just use his special pillow.

2.  WILLIAM J. BRYAN, JR., MD and GEORGE “MR. GEORGE” CLARK debated who should have the right to practice hypnosis.  The pair are comforted by a medical examiner and investigator, MRS. SYLVIA HABUSH, who discusses malpractice etc.  Dr. Bran also explains his hypnosis and “regressing” Dr. Sam Shepherd, and the impact it may have had on his being found innocent.

SHOW HT #35 

1.  MARTIN L. GROSS is the author of The Doctors, a controversial book which is an “expose” of American physicians and the American practice o medicine.  It is highly critical of the average MD.  He is debated sharply from the dock, including two Rns.

2.  ALAN BARNETT is a young man who brings “cats” (such as ocelots, tigers, leopards, margays) from the jungle to the U.S., and has them de-fanged and de-clawed so that they can be made into house pets.  He brings with him as a demonstration a 125-lb., 5 ½ month-old, Bengal tiger, who he wrestles and plays with.

3.  DR. EDWARD COLBERT is a prominent West Coast psychiatrist who is highly critical of his colleagues who want quick liberalization of abortion laws.  As a Roman Catholic and a scientist, he is opposed to abortion on religious and moral grounds.


1.  JON FAROUK claims to be “the son of the king” (i.e., the late King Farouk, of Egypt), who has founded a new religion.  He says he is very wealthy, and discusses his problems with the I.R.S., the police, the Draft Board, and others.

2.  JERRY RUBIN is the leader of the student strike at the University of California at Berkeley, who broke up a House Un-American Activities Committee meeting by attending in a Revolutionary War uniform.

SHOW HT #37 

1.  JAMES MOSELEY is the Editor and Publisher of Saucer News who discuses “The Moth Ma,” a strange creature that inhabits the wilds of West Virginia.  He also discusses “the legitimate side of the UFO.”

2.  PETER VAN SLINGERLAND is the author of Something Terrible Has Happened which deals with the spectacular Thalia Massie case from the 1930s.  The Hawaiian Police say that it is an unsolved murder; he believes that he has at long last solved it.

3.  STANLEY KOHLS is the West Coast field representative for “The War Resistors League.”  He is a conscientious objector and “teaches” his belief to others; he maintains that we should let the Viet Cong win, and get out of View Nam.

SHOW HT #38 

1.  JOSEPH STUMPH is the Washington Information Director of the ultra-conservative “Liberty Lobby.”  He explains his strange bedfellows on the Board of Policy and their reputations; he believes that “Nixon is a Liberal.”

2.  EDWARD CRAY is the West Coast Director of Information for the American Civil Liberties Union, and is the author of The Big Blue Line which purports to expose police brutality in the U.S.

3.  FRANK BAYNE is Executive Director of “The Citizens Councils of America” a group that is outspokenly segregationist and “devoted to the preservation of the integrity of the White Race.”


1.  F. LEE BAILEY is an attorney who successfully defended Dr. Sam Shepherd, among others.  He freely discusses his unorthodox courtroom tactics and how he conned the FBI into revealing their surveillance of him by following up phony leads he fed them.

2.  PAUL KRASSNER is Editor of The Realist, an avant-garde newspaper that regularly uses profanity, and editorially supports the use of marijuana, illegal abortions, the privilege to speak filth; it contains cartoons which Pyne describes as disrespectfully irreligious.

3.  DR. JOSEPH JEFFERS (“over 70") and his wife CONNIE JEFFERS (about 26).  He is a Minister who heads a Tucson-based cult called “The Kingdom of Yahweh.”  He has been arrested numerous times for offenses ranging from illegal sex, mail fraud, grand theft; he spent many years in jail.

SHOW HT #40 

1.  IRVIN TUCKER of “The Committee to Legalize Marijuana” debates JOHN O’GRADY, a retired Narcotics Squad Detective Lieutenant.  They are joined from the dock by people on both sides of the issue.

2.  ROBERT WELCH, founder of The John Birch Society.  Mr. Welch explains his remarks about President Eisenhower, and his position of “King” of the Society.  He is debated from the dock by an ex-Bircher who claims to have been expelled “for no apparent reason”; he is also joined by former CONGRESSMAN JOHN ROUSELLOT, the Director of Public Relations 
for the Society.  Attorney MATTHEW RAE debates Welch on behalf of Barry Goldwater and the Republican Party.

SHOW HT #41 

1.  JERRY DUTTON is Editor of the White American and information director of “The White American Party” based in Birmingham, Alabama.  He explains he party’s position on segregation, etc., and is debated vigorously from the dock.

2.  RICHARD LANDERS is the author of Man’s Place In The Dybosphere.  He has invented a self-reproducing and self-repairing machine which he contends is superior to humans, and is advocating the concept that the ultimate “race” will be these soulless robots.

3.  NATHANIEL BRANDEN is head of the Nathaniel Branden Institute, teaching Ayn Rand’s philosophy.  He discusses Miss Rand’s new book, Capitalism, The Un-Known Ideal and the art of selfishness.

SHOW HT #42 

1.  DR. HUGH SCHONFELD is author of a most controversial “history” of the life and death of Christ, The Passover Plot, which takes the position that Christ was a human, who plotted his death and resurrection, did not die on the cross, was not born by Immaculate Conception or Virgin Birth.

2.  CLINTON IRVING is a young Negro who was stranded in Holland after for the United States Information Agency.  He “suddenly” and quite by accident, found himself managing a brothel.  He was “deported” from Holland by the American Consul as a not very good representative of the United States.

3.  DR. FRANK LINDENFELD and DR. ALONZO BAKER are professors in leading West Coast universities who have divergent points of view on American policy regarding China, Russia, Viet Nam, and South East Asia.  They also debate “right” or “revolution” in China.  They are debated from the dock from both supporters and detractors.

SHOW HT #43 

1.  PROFESSOR LOUIS YABLONSKY, author of Synanon: The Tunnel Back, a pro-Synanon work, debates DR. PAUL WOUDENBERG and DR. GEORGE C. ANDERSON, signatories to the minority report which condemns the practices of the various Synanon Houses across the country. 

2.  “REVEREND” ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY is the founder and High Priest of the “First Church of Satan,” in San Francisco.  He recently “performed” the first satanic marriage ceremony, a nude woman lying on the altar as a symbol of lust and indulgence.

3.  ESTON SIMMONS is a young officer in “The People’s Armed Defense Groups” a para-military organization being formed and sponsored by the Communist Party U.S.A., Marxist/Leninist.

SHOW HT #45 

1.  DR. EVERETT SHOSTROM, Doctor of Philosophy, psychologist, and author.  His latest book is Man The Manipulator, which espouses his theory that man is a “manipulator” who forgets that people are human beings, and uses them as objects other than people.

2.  THEODORE CHARACH and DARRELL DEE are muck merchants.  Their recording, These Are The Hits You Silly Savage has been banned in some cities.

3.  JOSEPH POWERS is Deputy District Attorney, who prosecuted the Finch-Tregoff murder.

4.  SALLY STANFORD is a former very successful Madam, who has written Lady Of The House.

SHOW HT #46 

1.  PASTOR PETER CARUSO is an ordained Assembly of God Minister who says he casts out demons of witchcraft, insanity, etc. rom his parishioners.

2.  ROGER PATTERSON is author of Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?; he heads the “Abominable Showmen Club of America” in Yakima, Washington.  He says that the monster exists, and is not a hoax.

3.  MR. AND MRS. X are ardent devotes of a new, and they claim fast-growing, social diversion known as wife-swapping.

SHOW HT #47 

1.  JOHN QUATTRONE - heads a computer matchmaking organization called “Date Mate.”

2.  LAWRENCE G. KERSTA is the inventor of the “Voiceprint,” a controversial new method of identification by voice for use as evidence in criminal cases, and PROFESSOR PETER LADEFOGED, a professor of phonetics who claims the voiceprints are not valid.

3.  W. C. FIELDS MEMORIAL ELECTRIC STRING BAND - group which calls smashing up pianos a new direction in music.

SHOW HT #48 

1.  KARL WALLENDA, the famed high-wire performer, patriarch of the famous “Flying Wallendas” who is making his “final bow” in the center ring.  He originated the three-deck pyramid.

2.  BRUCE WOLFE, ESQ., attorney who says he has defended every type of criminal including murderers; nevertheless, he advocates capital punishment.  His most recent major case was the defense of Robert Alperin, convicted of a series of sex attacks.

3.  JOE T. HOWDESHELL believes that the world is flat and says he can prove it.  As a mater of fact, he claims to have a thousand proofs that the Earth is not a globe.

SHOW HT #49 

1.  GRIDLEY WRIGHT is a former probation officer who recently quit his job and is presently forming a new religious cult, which believes that “Man Is God” and which uses marijuana and LSD as the “Holy Sacrament” to enable man “to experience his God-like nature.”

2.  JOE BATTEN is the author of Dare to Live Passionately in which he states that the key to success and happiness is “faith in God,” “Self-discipline” and “tough-minded love.”

SHOW HT #50 

1.  RODERICK THORPE is the author of The Detective; he expresses challenging opinions about guns and the police.

2.  THE ZACCHINIS are a curcus family that has for three generations earned a living by being fired from cannons, rockets, and guided missiles.

3.  ROBERT KALLMAN is a member of the school board; he and FRED OKRAND, an ACLU attorney, debate the question of whether the Pledge of Allegiance should be required in the classroom.  Mr. Kallman is pro; Mr. Okrand believes it is a violation of personal rights.

SHOW HT #51 

1.  REVEREND BOB HARRINGTON is known as the Chaplain of Bourbon Street; he says he wants to be where the action is, and preaches in nightclubs and topless dance clubs.

2.  MARTIN CAIDIN has written more than 60 books, ranging from our space program, to a study of the depth of the oceans.  He has worked in several Government Intelligence agencies.  He discusses the Russian space program as well as ours, and the possibility of thermonuclear war.

3.  JACK ANDERSON is the author of Washington Expose, and has some startling things to say about politics and politicians.

SHOW HT #52 

1.  SUN BEAR, a Chippiwa Indian, and RICHARD LITTLE, an Oglala-Sioux Indian, traditional enemies, have opposing views on what is best for the Indian today.

2.  ANATOLI GRANOVSKY was a spy for the NKVD before he defected and fled to freedom in 1946.  He is the author of I was an N.K.V.D. Agent.

3.  NORMAN OLLESTAD is a former F.B.I. agent who criticizes the F.B.I. and its Chief, J. Edgar Hoover, in his book Inside the F.B.I.

SHOW HT #53 

1.  MARGARET KREIG is a former crime reporter and distinguished authoress.  She worked as an undercover agent for the Federal drug Administration.  Her book Black Market Medicine exposes the thriving U.S. black market drug industry.

2.  CRAIG BECKER believes that in the beginning, the Earth was inhabited by dwarfs and elves.  He states that in a former existence, he was Gimli, King of the Dwarfs.  He says the people who inhabit the Earth’s inner crust are 15 feet tall.

3.  PHILLIP ABBOTT LUCE is a former member of the “New Left” who has authored The New Left, an expose of the Communist influence in many Left Wing organizations.  DONALD FREED is an executive of the same “New Left” about which Mr. Luce has written his expose.


1.  CLINTON T. DUFFY was Warden at San Quentin from 1940 to 1951.  He discusses his experiences as Warden, including his contacts with Caryl Chessman, and why he favors elimination of the death penalty.

2.  DE VON SMITH has traveled to Mars, Venus, and other planets.  He says his planetary travels took him on a 12,000 mile hitchhiking tour.

3.  DR. NATHAN RAPPAPORT is the only Medical Doctor in America who admits to specializing in criminal abortion.  He wrote The Abortionist as “Dr. X.  He spent nine years in prison for performing illegal abortions.

SHOW HT #55 

1.  JULIA BROWN is a Negro lady from Cleveland, Ohio, who was duped into joining the Communist Party to “work for Civil Rights.”  She soon became disillusioned and withdrew, turning herself in to the F.B.I., and she subsequently became an undercover agent for them, rejoining the Communist Party.

2.  JAMES D. LaROCQUE lectures on Metaphysics, and relates stories about people who take pictures without cameras and “pre-natal astrology.”

3.  BOB BARANAUSKAS is a bearded beatnik who quit his successful gas station business a year ago to become one of the leaders of the new “hippie” movement.  He’s a proponent of “free love” and is opposed to the military draft.  He also predicts that if nothing is done to improve the condition of the Negro in this country, we’ll have a racial war within the next year, in which one to five million people will die.

SHOW HT #56 

1.  RICHARD M. GREENE, author of a book about industrial espionage and wiretapping, etc., faces SCOTT SIMON, an attorney who feels it is an invasion of privacy and a violation of our constitutional rights.  Greene espouses “company spying.”

2.  ROBERT DE COY is author of The Nigger Bible.  He contends that he is being discriminated against by major book stores and newspapers who will not take his advertising or sell his books.  Persons in the dock object strongly to his use of the word “Nigger.”  He is joined by REVEREND H. H. BROOKINS.

3.  ROBERT NELSON is President of a branch of the Cryonics Corporation which freezes bodies until they can ultimately be revived; DR. RALPH McKEE claims that the premise is “absurd” and that it is impossible.  They are joined by DR. HIGH BRUNOL, who does the actual freezing.

SHOW HT #57 

1.  DR. J. L. MORENO and DR. ANTHONY BRUNSE, two of the world’s best-known psychiatrists, differ on the impact of the Freud-Bullitt psychoanalysis of Woodrow Wilson.

2.  DON. R. BLYTH describes himself as the “Eighth Wonder of The World.”  He is a Yogi practitioner who says we must all get back down to Earth, on all fours.  He demonstrates that he can stop his heartbeat; he lies on a bed of nails while a 350-pound man lies on his chest; he can read through his cheeks; he believes that anyone can be shown how to walk barefoot over broken glass through the transfer of his powers into their feet.

3.  JOHN RAYBORN is an ex-Con, and Hollywood actor, who says that “Heroin is not detrimental to health.  It won’t hurt you one little bit.”  He claims to have been arrested for everything except murder, and to have stolen about $750,000, all of which he has spent.

SHOW HT #58 

1.  BARRY TARLOW is an attorney who represents many of the top criminals in the country.  He believes that our penalties for narcotic offences are too harsh.  He defends himself against charges of improperly accepting gangland fees.

2.  DR. ALBERT McDONALD is the Executive Director of the J. O. Kinnaman Foundation for Biblical and Archaeological Research.  He says he can prove scientifically that Christ was the Divine Son of God and that the Bible is a collection of books that could not have been written by men.

3.  JACKIE BROWN claims to be the most talented girl in the world.  Her goal is to be the first Miss American to preach the Word of God. 

SHOW HT #59 

1.  RICHARD FAUN was a passenger on the American-crewed ship “Phoenix,” which brought medical supplies to NORTH Vietnam.  He shows some sensational pictures of the trip.

2.  PROFESSOR MARTIN ANDERSON, author of The Federal Bulldozer, discusses Urban Renewal with CORDELL RIDLEY, an NAACP attorney.

SHOW HT #60 

1.  STEVE PLUHOVOY believes that he has our complicated existence figured out; his theory is called by him “Spiritual Cybernetics.”

2.  CANDY BARR is one of America’s most famous strippers, who was once romantically linked to gangster Mickey Cohen.  She tells how a term in prison changed her philosophy.

3.  KAHLIA BAHLU and JOHN BAHLU claim to have met on another plane of existence.  They discuss other worlds and some of the tricks which Plutonians are playing on us.


1.  PRINCE NAHUNDA is a snake charmer.  He earns a living by dancing with his pet boa constrictor at various night clubs.  He believes that snakes are the highest sex symbol in the world and that in about 15 years they will become the dominant species on Earth.

2.  DR. ALLAN COHEN, a clinical psychologist, was once a follower of the high priest of L.S.D., Timothy Leary.  With him is RICK CHAPMAN, who has just returned from a year in India.  They both formerly used drugs, and tell us why they have now stopped.

3.  LEE BECK is a private detective for a company he founded called “Searchers Investigating Company.”  He relates many of the fascinating cases he has worked on in his 13 years as a private investigator.

SHOW HT #62 

1.  EARL COSTELLO is an undertaker who is forming a Cremation Society, which may put him and other undertakers out of business. He contends that cremation is beneficial for the families of the deceased because of the much lower expense.

2.  BRIAN SWEET has begun an organization called “The No Tipping Society of the United States.”  He says that most people tip only to conform, not out of choice.

3.  SAM PRICE and BONNIE BEACH.  Mr. Price is the spokesman for “Sex Anonymous, Inc.;” Miss Beach is a member of the organization.  It espouses sex as the most important motivating factor in human behavior.


1.  REVEREND M. H. REYNOLDS JR. is President of the American Council of Christian Churches; he debates with DR. HIGH SCHOENFELD, a British Biblical scholar, regarding the latter’s book The Passover Plot.

2.  RUTH DICKSON has written Married Men Make the Best Lovers; she debates BILL RANKIN, author of Sexual Defense of American Women.

SHOW HT #64 

1.  RAYMOND YORK believes in reincarnation and claims to be in his 752nd life.  He makes a living by distributing natural remedies and health foods.  He believes that “The End” is near.

2.  MRS. X is the mother of a sixteen-year-old girl who has disappeared into the hippie movement.  Mrs. X has started a one-woman crusade to find her daughter.  Posing as a prostitute, she has infiltrated the hippie movement, which she discusses at length.

3.  BRUCE L. JOHNSON and SHARI I. QUAM plan to journey to an uninhabited island in the South Pacific, where they will depend on their natural instincts.  They plan to construct a raft and float together to Pago Pago.

SHOW HT #65 

1.  LELAND COOLEY is author of Condition Pink, a satire of the “Super-Patriotic Civilian Militia” groups which are becoming so popular.  He hopes his book will make these people aware of their mistakes.

2.  BYRON BLOCK is an independent consultant in the field of “Human Factors Engineering For Automobile Safety.”  He makes some serious charges of the automotive industry, which he claims has made little or no effort to make American automobiles safe, because it would cost too much to do so.


1.  CHRISTINE JORGENSEN relates her discovery and transformation.  It was the first chapter in a new outlook towards the transsexual phenomenon.  She is the author of Christine Jorgensen A Personal Autobiography.

2.  DEAN JENNINGS is the author of We Only Kill Each Other, the biography of Bugsy Siegel.  Mr. Jennings is a former crime reporter whose articles have appeared in leading magazines.

3.  GABRIEL LONGO is the author of Spoiled Priest, the frank and shocking concessions of an ex-priest.  He discusses his book and clerical celibacy.

SHOW HT #67 

1.  JOHN AUSTIN is the author of Sex Is Big Business; he discusses pornography.

2.  PAT ALEXANDER is the Editor of the L. A. Herald Dispatch, a large-circulation Negro newspaper.  She is presently working with a group of Negroes who are in the process of suing the United States Government for what she calls “reparation” for 200 years of slavery without pay in this country.

SHOW HT #68 

1.  JOHN LOCKWOOD teaches classes in Sensitivity Training.  He spends a great deal of time in the Hippie Community and prides himself on being able to integrate himself into both the “straight” and “Hippie” worlds.  He believes in what he calls “The Throb of Now” which he defines as “gaining a sense of yourself through rhythm.”

2.  DR. O. G. LANDSVERK, a nuclear physicist who has dedicated a good portion of his life to proving that Columbus was not the first to discover America, and that the first were the Norsemen, led by Lief Ericson, who came to America as early as 1000 A.D.  He is the co-author of Norse Medieval Cryptography in Runic Carvings.

3.  BARBARA TIDWELL considers herself an expert on the art of pleasing husbands.  She has authored a booklet entitled Pleasing The American Husband in which she offers advice.

SHOW HT #69 

1.  HAROLD WEISBERG is the author of a book titled Oswald in New Orleans, and has also written and published a series of books concerning the Warren Commission Report, the best-known of which is titled Whitewash.  He discussed new information regarding the Kennedy Assassination.

2.  SWAMI VISHNU-DEVANANDA is the first Yogi teacher to ever become a licensed pilot.  He spends much of his time flying in his private plane between the various “Centers” that he has set up across the country, in which people are taught the principles of Yogi.

SHOW HT #70 

1.  ANTHONY BROOKE, formerly the “Rajah Muda of Sarawak,” says his family ruled Sarawak from 1841 to 1946.  He is presently on a speaking tour of the U.S. in order to inform the people of a “great revelation” – the “Second Coming,” which will occur soon.

2.  DR. THOMAS W. MATTHEW is head of the “National Economic Growth and Reconstruction Organization” (“N.E.G.R.O.”), which espouses Negro self-help.

3.  YVONNE D’ANGERS, a topless model, and her press agent, DAVE ROSENBERG, discuss the topless dance craze and the possibility of introducing the bottomless dancer next.

SHOW HT #71 

1.  GARY GARRET, author of A Case for Virginity, and PROFESSOR KURT VON MEIR debate the book’s espousal of chastity and sexual avoidance before marriage.  Prof. Von Meir, himself unconventional, believes that the book fails to make a very good case for anything.

2.  CHARLES SHERBOURNE is a self-styled scientist who claims that the U.S. Space Program is doomed to fail; he also can “prove” that Einstein, Aristotle, Galileo and many others were wrong.  He brings his home-made Ark to illustrate some of his revolutionary theories.


1.  DR. CURTIS WOOD is the medical consultant to “The Association For Voluntary Sterilization.”  He is also the author of a book titled Sex Without Babies.  He discusses the role of voluntary sterilization in the struggle to stabilize the population growth in the developing nations of the world as well as in the U.S.

2.  THOMAS CARTER has been a slave, minstrel, dishwasher, and minister, and has just celebrated his 102nd birthday.  He discusses the changes he has seen since his youth.

3.   LOUIS SMITH is Regional Director of the Congress of Racial Equality (“C.O.R.E.”).  He is a great believer in sensitivity training.  There are now moves to introduce it into our national school system for students.  Among those who are outraged by this prospect is WARREN H. CARROLL, a Government official concerned with the inroads of the prospect.



1.  MRS. MITZI GRUEN – Wants to start a program with her own money “to enable 
People who have real problems... [to solve them by putting them in touch] with
other knowledgable [people who have had or know about the problems]”

2.  MARY RIDENER - seems to have been a stable hand who is unhappy that her first
two attorneys had to be replaced by a third one to handle her disability claim
caused when an overhead stable door that she says had a mechanical problem,
fell on her

3.  CAROL WIJIKOWSKI - Catholic who is unhappy with the Papal Encyclical on
birth control because it discriminates against married couples who have followed
the biblical injunction to “be fruitful and multiply” by having children but now
don’t want to have any more and thus want to use birth control

3.  JOHN GREGORY - Wants to have the Government nstall a computer system that 
will allow computer voting with a voter ID card keyed to Social Security, so
that there can be direct voter determination of crucial issues confronting the
Congress and/or President; there would be terminals in grocery stores feeding
into servers in each city linked to main servers in Washington, DC; neither
ne nor Joe Pyne think much of the Electoral College system

1.  DR. JOEL FORT is a San Francisco public health specialist who espouses the view that marijuana is not harmful and that the present laws concerning its use and sale are unfair and should be changed. – he is challenged from the Dock by

A.  JOHN STEVENS - Who thinks that Fort’s use of a marijuana plant he was given
by his local police with permission of their supervisors, for use in Fort’s
lectures, somehow made Fort guilty of the crime of “growing marijuana” for
which he should be punished – also, Fort’s position that marijuana may not be
as harmful as drugs such as alcohol, is faulty because Fort didn’t administer
“Dexerity Tests” in his research

B.  BERNARD JONAS - Thinks that most major countries have outlawed popular drugs
when they gain independence, such as India’s ban on hemp, and that U.S. should
not relax its ban

C.  ERIC NORTH - Opposes legalizing marijuana but agrees that the present system 
Isn’t working; fears that legalization would lead to more heroin use, as happened
to him (he is now clean and works to educate children to dangers of drug use) 

2.  DR. ROY ALLAN ANDERSON is an ordained minister in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  He has written a booklet titled Secrets of the Spirit World.  He states that the purpose of the booklet is to bring out the facts concerning the existence of both “Good” and “Evil” spirits and how they affect the lives of all of us.  He also relates how spirits are real and have attacked him physically in the past – Pyne calls on RICHARD FLOWERS, his researcher who interviewed Anderson, to relate how Anderson claimed that flying saucers are somehow related to the spirits and Satan

3.  ICEBERG SLIM is a former convict who has authored Trick Baby, in which he reveals the inner secrets of the major con men of our age.


1.  SAM SLOAN is the President of a student organization on the Berkeley campus known as the “Campus Sexual Rights Forum” which promotes the philosophy of sexual freedom.

2.  NADINA GROVE is the author of A Personal Exploration of Expansion of Consciousness, Paranormal Injunctions and the Illumined Bible that relates how her life was changed by a mystical consciousness-expanding experience she had in 1963.

3.  AL SULTAN NASSER AHMAD SHABAZZ is the leader of the “African Descendants Nationalist Independence Partition Party” (“ADNIP Party”), which is dedicated to the total independence of Black People.

SHOW HT #75 

1.  JIM BRYAN is the author of Jesus Was A Beatnik, described by many as the most irreligious book ever, in which he tries to draw a parallel between Christ’s actions and that of the present-day Hippies.

2.  JAMES A. HAYES is a California State Assemblyman who introduced a bill that calls for the loyalty oath for all public employees; A. L. WIRIN is an attorney for the ACLU who had the bill declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

3.  “GUT TURK” is a former “Hell’s Angel” who now manages one of the most controversial rock and roll groups, “The Blue Cheer.”  He espouses the use of LSD and defends the group’s lyrics extolling the virtues of LSD and other socially objectionable practices.

SHOW HT #76 

1.  DON JACKSON publishes the politically conservative magazine Wire; which contends that civil rights activists are communist dupes.  TOMMY JACQUETTE is an organizer of S.L.A.N.T., who says that Wire lies.  They debate self-help and self-esteem; they are joined by a number of people in the dock who vociferously support or oppose one side or the other.

2.  KELMAN PECK operates the a dog beauty parlor in Arizona, which he believes to be the only one of its kind.  He demonstrates “poodle wigs,” perfumes, bikinis, and other “beauty aids” for poodles.


1.  DR. MARGARET EVANS is a Florida chiropractor and naturopathic physician who treats terminal diseases by the natural method, using “glyocilde,” krebiozen, and other unapproved drugs.

2.  PERSHING MILLS is an ex-convict who served several terms in Arkansas State prisons and was eyewitness to thousands of beatings and no fewer than five murders.

3.  DR. DOWARD McBAIN is President of The American Baptist Convention, and is an affiliate of the national board of the National Council of Churches; JAMES TAYLOR is Director of American Conference of Christian Laymen.  They debated criticisms of the National Council of Churches, including those by the American Council of Churches.


1.  JOE and RAY (pseudonyms) are, respectively, the Secretary and Chairman of the “Society of Divorced Catholic Men.”“ The group was organized to help the members sublimate their sex drives through special activities.

2.  WILBUR HUNT is a Professor of English who opposes conventional teaching methods; he believes that youth must be corrupted in order to learn and retain anything worthwhile.

3.  FRANK GREENWOOD is the Founder/Director of the “Afro-American Cultural Association;” his wife VERA GREENWOOD is Secretary of the “Black Anti-Draft Union.”  They feel that the Negro has been colonized, and should not be called upon to fight in Viet Nam.

SHOW HT #79 

1.  CLINT WESTCOTT is a 51-year old self-styled wino; his friend is JOHN JOHNSON.  Westcott explains why he has refused to accept $19,220 due to him from an estate, because he wants to “stay at the bottom of the barrel!”

2.  LUCIUS WALL heads the “Black Druids,” a secret organization which calls for a return to paganism and mystical experiences.

3.  KARL R. ALLEN leads the “White American Party.”  They contend that racism and patriotism are synonymous.  The group broke with the Nazis a few years ago, and offered to help the F.B.I. “clean up that bad organization.”  Many consider the “WAP” to be the worst political party in the country.

SHOW HT #80 

1.  “MISS TEA CARR” is a young prostitute who relates how she became one and details of her life “in sin.”  She explains that what she does is not anything to be ashamed of, and that she hopes to make enough money to support her young daughter and send her to school.  She is joined by people in the dock.

2.  LESLEY “C” KIRBY heads “The Home of Rejuvenation,” a group that promises eternal life and good health if they are followed.  He is joined by SISTER JOY, an assistant at his home.

SHOW HT #81 

1.  LEONARD GRIMES and FRED GAGE are leaders of two national committees that lobby for and against school bussing.  There is a lively debate between the two, followed by several people involved with the issue speaking from the dock.

2.  JEAN-PIERRE HALLET is the author of Congo Kitabu and has now written a new book titled Animal Kitabu, in which he compares the good and bad traits of wild animals with those of the human species.

SHOW HT #82 

1.  HOWARD PETRICK is an ex-soldier, given an “undesirable” discharge because he disseminated socialist propaganda and preached disaffection to his buddies; he is asking for a formal courts martial to clear him so that he can have an “honorable” discharge.

2.  RABBI MOSHE MAGALL is a Rabbi who espouses his belief that the trouble with Christianity is that it is excessively preoccupied with the “hereafter,” whereas Judaism is more concerned with the “here and now.”

3.  JEAN LONDON and JACK SHAPRIO translated Ovid’s Art of Love, Remedies For Love.  He characterizes himself as “the battle-scarred veteran of fifty love affairs” and she characterizes herself as an actress who trusts Ovid’s philosophy of sex.

SHOW HT #83 

1.  “GROVER” is the pseudonym of the founder of “Neurotics Anonymous,” pattered after A.A.  The members engage in a kind of group therapy that does not follow conventional medical protocol.

2.  DAVE GUMAER is a member of the John Birch Society who infiltrated campus left wing groups “Students for a Democratic Society” and the “DuBois Clubs” to determine the extend of their Communist affiliations.  STEPHEN WEBB is a “liberal” student who says that concern about Communist influences on college campus is ridiculous and “stupid.”

3.  “LARRY, THE PHILOSOPHER” is a 70-year old who says he has found the secret of long life (through eating grass) and happiness.  He has authored How To Be Naughty and Still Be Nice and Sin Of Our Skin.

SHOW HT #84 

1.  A. RICHARD REINKE is a 32-year old “evangelist” who believes that the country’s problems are caused by materialism; he owns only the robe, sandals and beard he wears.

2.  JUDGE JOAN KLIEN is a famed jurist who defends her opposition to the use of marijuana and related areas who debates STEVEN SOLOMON, a successful attorney who believes that our drug laws should be liberalized, along with many others which regulate individual behavior.

3.  DR. JOHN KEATING is Editor and Publisher of The New Age World, a magazine devoted to news about flying saucers and other things metaphysical in nature.  Joe Pyne admonishes him for using Pyne’s name in an advertisement without permission.

SHOW HT #85 

1.  WILLIAM TURNER is the author of The Police Establishment, a book which is highly critical of law enforcement agencies and the police; he is debated by THAD BROWN, a highly-respected law enforcement officer.

2.  EDWARD ALBERTSON is the author of Seances and Sensitives For The Millions; he explains his belief that there is a spirit world, and believes that his years of research have proved that mediums are, for the most part, legitimate practitioners.

3.  ROD MANIS is Spokesman for the “Council For Voluntary Military” which believes that our selective service system is outdated, and that we should have a completely voluntary military force.

SHOW HT #86 

1.  DR. EVELYN JOSEPHS is Director of the “Children’s Lighthouse” who has some unorthodox ideas about disease – she claims that speed reading causes kidney failure, and that smoking prevents cancer.

2.  HANS HOLZER is known international as “The Ghost Hunger”; he has written a new book, Ghosts Of The Golden West.  He brings proof of the existence of the poltergeist.

3.  JAMES TOWNSEND and TOM PALMER are in opposition as regards the desirability of sex education in school, and in attitude toward sex on college campuses.


1.  REV. ALEX SMITH is a Minister and member of the “Homophile Society” who defends homosexuals in their battle against “police brutality” and the military’s “discrimination” against their serving in the Armed Forces.

2.  “PROPHET JONES” is a Detroit evangelist with some unorthodox ideas about religion; Life Magazine has described him as a preacher of good faith who gleans happy rewards (for himself).

3.  AL G. MANNING, D.D. is the author of Helping Yourself With Psycho-Cosmic Power.  He says that one’s every wish or desire can be attained through the use of the special power described in his book.

SHOW HT #88 

1.  REV. FREEMAN YEARLING is a Minister who was fired by his parish because even though he is a Negro, he opposes busing, Martin Luther King’s activism, civil disobedience, and so on.  He is faced by L. C. WHEELER, a director of “Black Cat’s Bone Society,” a Black nationalist group.

2.  MSGR. JOHN L. STORM is a Priest who left the Catholic Church because of his disagreement with the Church’s positions in regard to birth control, celibacy, marriage, divorce, etc.

3.  NINA VARELA is an actress in television commercials who believes that only women are qualified to be President.  She expresses her “funny” views about life and everything else, to Joe.

SHOW HT #89 

1.  DR. PRICE M. COBBS is a distinguished San Francisco psychiatrist who discussed his new book Black Rage, in which he describes the dimensions of the inner conflicts and desperation of the Negro in America.

2.  GARY TOWNSEND is Co-Director of “The Kennedy Action Corps.” which since the death of RFK has turned its efforts to get better gun laws and more restrictive legislation.  There is a debate pro and con with people in the dock.

3.  JOHN CORDSEN is the author of Happiness and Prosperity who explains to Joe why money is the easiest thing to make, if you follow the rules set out in his guide book.

SHOW HT #90 

1.  DR. DARE MILLER is a child psychologist who has turned into a canine psychologist.  He is the Director of “The Canine Behavior Center” where “anti-social dogs” are turned into well-behaved, well-adjusted, pets.

2.  ALLEN NOONAN is the Director of “The Messiah’s World Crusade”; he and his “wife” DIANE NOONAN describe and defend their hippie commune in San Francisco.  He was just released from jail having served a sentence for holding marijuana on the premises of his commune.

3.  JAMES BRANHAM claims to be professional rainmaker.  He says that he has caused it to rain in one area of the country over 100 times.

SHOW HT #91 

1.  INKA O’HANARAHAN is Secretary Treasurer of “The National Organization of Women,” a group lobbying for equal rights for women.  She is debated vigorously by people in the dock.

2.  DR. FALLON EVANS, A TEACHER IN Catholic College, debates MICHAEL CASEY, an articulate “practicing Catholic” regarding birth control and the Pope’s Encyclical.  There is a lively debate from the dock.

3.  MIRIAM JAY is a dream analyst who says she helps people solve their problems by interpreting their dreams.  She is opposed to methods used by psychiatrists, employing instead the technique developed by Edgar Cayce.

SHOW HT #92 

1.  DR. MELVIN ANCHELL is the author of Understanding Your Sexual Needs, which opposes human abortion, the use of “The Pill” by unmarried adult women, and promiscuous sex.  It has practices psychiatry although he has not been certified to do so by the AMA.

2.  MRS. BELVA DETLOFF has authored Welfare Wonderland in which she explores what she calls welfare frauds; she espouses a complete abandonment of our welfare system.  DAVID CRIPPEN is a social worker who espouses the opposite view, point by point.  They are joined in the debate from the dock.

SHOW HT #93 

1.  JOHN WORKMAN is a 71-year old vegetarian who has founded “New World Builders,” a group dedicated to the creation of a worldwide society in which there is no debt-monetary system.  It is based on “full production – no destruction — and free distribution...”.

2.  NEIL STAEBLER is a former Democratic National Committee member and Congressman who has authored How To Argue With A Conservative in which he presents the Liberal viewpoint.

3.  DR. ADAM ROSENBLATT is a psychiatrist with provocative ideas, including the use of physical contact which he calls “non-verbal therapy.”

SHOW HT #94 

1.  BUFFORD CLARK claims that he can exercise “hypnotic” control over his blood, and that he has a unique “gland” in his forehead which gives him a special insight into things and people.

2.  BERNARD RUBIN and DAVID SAMUEL are spokesmen for an intellectual “hippie commune” called “The Eternal Family.”  They have a huge castle in the Hollywood Hills in the Los Angeles area, where 17 young men and women live together and “eat and love and communicate together.”  They are joined from the dock by other members of “the family as well as opponents of this “immoral” and “unhealthy” lifestyle.

SHOW HT #95 

1.  SHIRLEY GRUDAMAN is a young woman in battle with the City Council and her neighbors, who want her to get rid of her wild pets, which include pythons, alligators, and so on.  She brings a pet python along with her.

2.  JAMES HARVEY JOHNSON, who heads the “International Atheist Society,” debates REV. MIKE MONTGOMERY an Evangelical Minister, regarding the existence of God and contradictions in the Bible.

3.  EDWARD LANGE heads the “Elysium Institute”; LINDA SHOCKLEY is a practicing nudist.  They argue the merits of nudism with Joe Pyne, who takes the position that their nudist “art” magazines are simply pornography.


1.  MRS. TANI OMAN and DON BREEDING are Public Information Officers of the Church of Scientology; they defend their organization and beliefs against criticism raised in a recent Time Magazine article.

– MICHAEL FAY - appears in the Dock to relate how Scientology has changed his life,
helped him solve problems, and become a fuller person, at a cost of only $750 for the
first year, far less than a shrink would have cost

2.  MAULANA KARENGA is Founder and Chairman of “US.”  He is one of the U.S.’s leading Black revolutionaries and explains the decision of the recent “Black Power Conference” to press for the establishment of a separate nation made from the five Southern States.

3.  EARL RAY KOONS is author of The Planet Earth; he explains his theory that all intelligence comes from “other planets” and that none has originated here on Earth.


1.  DR. STEPHEN LEVY is Chief of Chest Diseases at Cedars/Sinai Hospital; he discusses the connection between cancer and smoking and other lung diseases.  He believes that smog and other pollution are also major contributors to such diseases.

2.  CHUCK LANDIS and ROSE DEITSCH are owners of two night clubs on the Sunset Strip; they debate the impact on the “face of the Strip” from the influx of hippies and assorted drop-outs.  Landis says they ruin business; Deitsch says they have to go somewhere.

3.  SAMUEL CAMPBELL is a conservative newspaper editor who thinks that there should be no sex education in schools; DR. PHILLIP ODERBERG is a psychiatrist who disagrees, believing that there cannot be too much sex education too early.

SHOW HT #98 

1.  JAMES V. PANOCH heads “The Institute For Religious Instruction,” a national organization which is trying to get comparative religion taught in school.  The group is also in favor of prayer in the classroom.

2.  JOHN GODWIN is the author of This Baffling World.  He attempts to document unexplained natural phenomena such as UFOs, the Abominable Snowman, the Man In The Iron Masc, etc.

3.  SANDRA PAISLEY is a member of the National Education Association, who has taught school for ten years.  She believes that teachers should have the right to strike, as should police, firemen, and civil service employees.


1.  GOVERNOR LESTER MADDOX, Governor of Georgia, argues with Joe Pyne about the current state of the nation and his role; after about 25 minutes of acrimonious dialogue, Governor Maddox stalks off the set and refuses to return.

2.  REV. DELMAR DENNIS is a former Ku Klux Klan member who rejoined as an undercover F.B.I. agent.  He relates the attempts on his life and property because he has come out of hiding to discuss them openly.

3.  “JULIUS CAESAR” is an author and playwright who says he is the reincarnation of Julius Caesar; he admits that he is out of the mainstream, but claims that he has documentary evidence of his sanity.

SHOW HT #100 

1.  RUTH MONTGOMERY is a nationally famed newspaperwoman and author of Here and Hereafter, which deals with reincarnation.  The paradox is that as a reporter she has to deal only with facts, but as an author she has adopted the thinking of some mystics; she is now a fervent believer in reincarnation.

2.  STERLING NORRIS, defense attorney, and ALAN SALTZMAN, a prosecutor, debate the “search and seizure” laws, particularly with respect to the laws governing marijuana possession.

3.  “THE GLOBIAN” is a woman who has written The Way, in which she espouses her belief that all human relationships have to do with the vibrations people receive from one another.

SHOW HT #101 

1.  ROBERT JOHN is Founder and Director of “Sex Anonymous, Inc.” and a group called “Apostles of Love.”  He claims that he repairs broken sexual relationships.

2.  BARRY TARLOW is a young criminal attorney who believes that firemen should not be armed when they enter riot areas, believing that they are not policemen; Pyne believes the opposite, and that they should have the means to defend themselves.

3.  CONRAD MROCZEK is an apparently serious Seattle businessman who is running for “King of the United States.”  He believes that a monarchy and a “fair King” would be far better than our present system of government.

SHOW HT #102

1.  LINDA GOODMAN is a former Miss American contestant who has authored Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, an astrological book that allows the stars to determine whether a husband is faithful.

2.  DR. JAMES A. BRUSSEL is a nationally-known psychiatrist who has been called “America’s Psychiatric Sherlock Holmes.”  He has been called in by the police as a consultant on The Boston Strangler case, the Coppolino affair, The Mad Bomber, The Wylie Murders, etc.  He discusses the criminal mentality.

3.  TRACY CABOT is the Editor and feature writer for Confidential Magazine.  Among the articles she has written are Have 3 or 4 Husbands and Virgin Birth Is Possible.

SHOW HT #103 

1.  FR. JOHN A. SANFORD is an Episcopalian Priest from San Diego who has written Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language.  He espouses the theory that God’s voice reaches us in our Dreams; Joe is skeptical.

2.  ROBERT WEIL represents the Jewish community; OLOWO represents the Negro community.  They discuss the way in which each community views the other; they each claim that the other misunderstands things, and each faults the other for the misunderstanding.  There is a lively discussion with people on both sides from the dock.

3.  ROBERT PREHODA is a Gerontologist and author of Extended Youth; he believes that we are not far from medical discoveries that may extend our lives to as much as 200 years.

SHOW HT #104 

1.  DR. PAUL EHRLICH and DR. RICHARD FELGER are both scientists who take a very dim view of man’s future.  Dr. Felger, a botanist, believes that we may be able to exist for no more than 50 years.

2.  HARLAN ELLISON is a screenwriter who is highly critical of our news media; DAVID CRANE is a former newsman and radio executive who defends the press, radio, and televison, contending that they present the news in a fair manner.

3.  TED THACKERY, JR. is a newsman who has written a biography of Nick the Greek.  He discusses the precarious life led by the legendary gambler and some of his exploits.

SHOW HT #105

1.  DR, FREDERICK HACKER is a distinguished psychiatrist; FRANK GRUBER is a noted screenwriter.  They debate the impact of television violence on teenagers and young adults.

2.  DR. BLYTHE SPROTT is Professor of Health at a leading college, who discusses compulsiveness in smoking, lying, eating, and drinking.  He believes that smokers who stop manifest their frustration in other ways.

3.  “BOUNTY HUNTER” relates how he has brought back bail jumpers across State lines; he is debated by LEE BECK, a licensed private investigator, who maintains that what the Bounty Hunter does is illegal and unethical.

SHOW #106 

1.  REV. LAWRENCE BAULCH is a minister and author of Return To The World, dealing with his early years in prison and his life as a criminal and fugitive from justice.  He now works in penal institutions.

2.  ROBERT H. RIMMER is author of Proposition 31, in which he defends his controversial theories dealing with marriage; Rimmer believes in “plural” marriages and wife-swapping, believing that the present institution of marriage is outmoded.

SHOW HT #107 

1.  BISHOP JAMES A. PIKE is author of The Other Side in which he explains how he has been in communication with his late son, a suicide.  The Bishop discusses life after death and his own reasons for such belief.

2.  PAMELA MASON has written Marriage Is The First Step To Divorce.  She believes that the institution of marriage “is not working very well.”

3.  SWAMI VISHNU DEVANANDA is a celebrate Yoga who devotes his life to teaching meditation; he flies around in his own plan to his Yogi centers across the U.S. and Canada.

SHOW HT #108 

1.  JOHN A. REPPERT is a Nebraska gambler who says he has a system that will permit him to win at blackjack, and that he has been barred from Nevada gaming tables because of it.  He offers to put up $25,000 to prove his theory.  SHERLOCK FELDMAN is a Nevada pit boss and casino executive who says it isn’t true, and he accepts the challenge: Reppert will go to Vegas at Feldman’s invitation soon.

2.  KAREN SMITH and RONNIE GOLDMAN, two “average theater-goers” debate the merits of the very controversial HAIR.  Karen finds a message and a beautiful art form; Goldman is outraged at the obscenities, nudity, and disrespect for the country and its flag.\

3.  HANS HOLZER is an internationally famous parapsychologist and “ghost hunter” who has written that there were actually 2 Stars of Bethlehem, that Christ was born on October 3rd, and that there were actually three wise men who were ii reality three kings.

SHOW HT #109 

1.  LESTER OTIS is a founder of the right-wing group “Crisis” who describes himself as a member of the “free right.”  BOB NIEMANN is a college professor and member of “Students for a Democratic Society” (“SDS”) who belongs to the “far left.”  They debate campus unrest, Viet Nam, black militarism, disagreeing on much.

2.  DR. EVE JONES is a clinical psychologist who, in defense of women, believes that alimony is justified and support of the woman mandatory.  AL LERNED is a member of the “National Divorce Reform Committee” which seeks to change divorce laws and to completely eliminate alimony.

3.  LAMBERT T. DOLPHIN, JR. is a former alcoholic who tries to persuade young people to turn to Christ through “sex”; he is the author of Sex In The Mirror and Supersex.

SHOW HT #110 

1.  ALAN STANG is a conservative John Birch Society author; MORRIS KNIGHT is a liberal activist.  Both were eye witnesses to the Chicago Police/demonstrator riots, but disagree which side was at fault.

2.  “TRACY” is a young woman who has been married twice but is now a Lesbian; she discusses how society now treats her.

3.  JOHN M. DANNOFF and LEE BECK are both Private Investigators, operating out of Hollywood, who espouse different methods, with Beck contending that Dannoff operates “just outside the law” and Dannoff contending that sometimes “strong-arm” tactics are appropriate.

SHOW HT #111 

1.  RICHARD BERGESS is a former San Francisco police sergeant who smoked marijuana in full uniform on the steps of the Hall of Justice in San Francisco to protest against pot laws and the treatment of Hippies.

2.  L. E. FLEISCHER is the Founder and Director of “Sacred Plan” which he claims is the perfect system for the distribution and the use of money.

SHOW HT #112 

1.  STEVE MURTAGH is a former GI who went AWOL because he disagreed with the Army and our foreign policy, who now edits an anti-military newspaper.  ALAN DAVIDSON is a politically conservative member of the John Birch Society and ex-Green Beret; they debate vigorously.

2.  AKASHAM is a Mystic and “Psychometrist” who claims he can “read” the past, present, and future merely by talking to people on the telephone.  He is able to demonstrate some success with people from the studio audience.

3.  .  JOHN M. DANNOFF and LEE BECK are both Private Investigators, operating out of Hollywood, who espouse different methods, with Beck contending that Dannoff operates “just outside the law” and Dannoff contending that sometimes “strong-arm” tactics are appropriate. They continue a debate shortened by time constraints on Show HT #110.

SHOW HT #113 

1.  MR. BLACKWELL is an internationally-known fashion designer who is famous for his annual list of the “Ten Worst Dressed Women.”  BOB STEINBERG is a famed fabric designer who consults on fashions to the “hip generation.”  They disagree on what is fashionable.

2.  ROBERT OWEZU is a spokesman for the “Black Students Union;” LARRY LABOVITZ heads the “United Students” which is moderate and opposed to the BSU.  They are both students at riot-torn San Fernando Valley College, and they disagree on nearly everything.  They are joined by students from both groups, from the dock.

SHOW HT #114 

1.  DESMOND SLATTERY crusades to “save” 60 million song birds from the predations of cats; he has invented a “booby trip bird” device that will explode in a cat’s face and discourage any further stalking.  He also sells crickets.

2.  SUSAN HODGINS is a co-ed at Stanford who supports co-ed dormitories; JOHN STURLEY is a Bible student who opposes them, feeling that they very well might breed immorality and be the beginning of the nation’s “Doom.”

3.  ANTHONY TILL is the author of What You Should Know Before Buying A Car, which seems to expose malpractice by “most” new and used car dealers, and is regarding as a “shocking expose” of the industry.

SHOW HT #115 

1.  GUY DE VAL claims to have found how to rejuvenate the human body with heat and light; he attempts somewhat unsuccessfully to demonstrate his theory by showing improvements on his own body which cannot be seen by members of the studio audience when they examine him.

2.  JOSHUA MOUCHLY is an Israeli; DR. IBRAHIM FARID is an Egyptian bio-chemist who is now an American citizen.  They debate the Middle East situation fiercely; many partisans on both sides from the audience appear in the dock.

SHOW HT #116 

1.  HOWARD C. LONG is Director of “The National Health Federation” who discusses the pros and cons of raw milk and fluoridation.

2.  MRS. EARL FERGUSON appears with her “talking dog” PAL, which demonstrates its abilities for Joe Pyne.

3.  DR. CHAMPION K. TEUTSCH is a human physicist with unorthodox ideas of how to treat mental patients, believing that some diseases are psychosomatic and can be cured “by convincing the patient” that he does not in fact have a disease.

SHOW HT #117 

1.  DON CORNISH heads a large computer mating system company, and proclaims its efficacy; DR. CARL YOUNGER is a practicing psychiatrist who believes that only people with “serious problems” seek out this kind of help.

2.  GWEN HOWARD and RAYMOND SCHNEIDER are co-founders of “Inventors and Manufacturers Alliance.”  They have brought some “silly” inventions that have earned their inventors both recognition and money.

3.  RUTH DICKSON is the author of Marriage Is A Bad Habit, which is both anti-marriage and anti-male.  Her positions are debated from the dock.

SHOW HT #118 

1.  ANTHONY TILL is the author of What You Should Know About Buying A Car, which is highly critical of the new and used car business, contending that most dealers are dishonest.  AL MILLER is a major automobile dealer who defends his industry.  They are joined by several dealers and automotive salesmen from the dock.

2.  DR. RICHARD EPSTEIN is a mathematician who has written a book on gambling which contends that you can win with logic, concentration, and a computer.  SHERLOCK FELDMAN is a pit boss at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas who disagrees, and invites Dr. Epstein to come to the casino and bring his computer with him.

SHOW HT #119 

1.  SAMUEL B. DE CLERK is an Evangelist who believes that the World is besieged by Anti-Christ forces in the form of “Ultra Liberal Modern Day Educators”; PROF. KURT VON MEIR is an educator on that category.

2.  CLARA LANE and KURT MEER are nationally-known marriage brokers who do not believe in the use of the computer for their dating business.  Lane handles the non-Jewish clients; Meer handles the Jewish clients.

3.  “SATGURU” HERBERT BALCKSCHLEGER is the Director of “Cosmic Disaster” who, for a $1,000 fee, will avoid any weather-related pending disaster.  He has offered his services to the Governor.

SHOW HT #120 

1.  DR. CHAMPION K. TESTSCH is a psychologist who calls himself a “human dynamiscist” using unusual and unorthodox techniques; DR. CHARLES ANSELL is a distinguished psychologist who questions the efficacy of Dr. Testsch’s methods.

2.  FREDDIE BLASSIE and MILDRED BURKE are professional wrestlers who defend the “sport” of wrestling, but disagree on whether women should participate in it.

3.  DR. GILBERT HOLLOWAY is a prophet who attempts to tell the future of members of the audience after speaking with them from behind a screen.

SHOW HT #121 

1.  DR. JAMES A. PIKE and MRS. JAMES A. PIKE; the controversial former churchman explains why he left the organized church, which he no longer has hope for.

2.  DR. MARCUS McBROOM is a professor of psychology; MRS. ELEANOR HOWE is a “crusader” against sex education in the classroom.  Their debate is joined by audience members from the dock.

3.  DYKES ASKEW SIMMONS was in jail in Mexico for the murder of four people, until his thrilling escape; DENNIS FREDERICKSON is his attorney.
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