JOE PYNE -- The first and best of the Shock Jocks!

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 1 -- Floyd Salas, Dr. O. G.  Landsverk & Erik Wahlgren

Arrested multiple times in his childhood, author Floyd Salas’s experiences give him a strong understanding of the human condition.  In this moving interview with Pyne, Salas discusses his life of reformation, the inherent good in people, prison reformation, and how they all tie into his book, “Tattoo The Wicked Cross.”

Dr. O. G.  Landsverk, an accomplished scientist who was present during testing of the atomic bomb, believes that the Vikings explored a significant part of North America, predating Christopher Columbus’ expedition.  Dr. Erik Wahlgren, a contemporary of Dr. Landsverk, does not share the same convictions, and the two enter into a heated debate on the topic with Pyne moderating.

The Joe Pyne Radio, Volume Show 2 -- Iceberg Slim, J. J. Hergert

No stranger to controversy, the Pimp-turned-author Iceberg Slim shares stories from, anecdotes about, and insight into the Conman lifestyle.  Bringing his perspective of urban culture, Slim speaks with Pyne about his newest work at the time, “Trick Baby.”

In connection with his book, “I Was Born Among the Russian Subversives,” J. J. Herbert describes his 20 years of life in Russia before his departure after the end of World War II.  Pyne asks questions regarding cultures of both old Czarist Russia and Communist Russia, and also speaks with Hergert about his memoirs that were relevant to the era.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 3 -- Robert L. Brock, Ray Wakeman

Pyne Interviews Robert L. Brock, controversial civil rights activist and President of The Self Determination committee.  In this heated discussion, Pyne and Brock discuss race relations, civil rights, solutions, and their vastly different opinions on the issues.

An insider within the business, Ray Wakeman makes a startlingly accurate prediction that computers will become a prevalent force in our society.  Pyne interviews Wakeman regarding the growth of technology, the emerging computer companies, and the ethics of technology usage and dependency.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 4 -- Capt. Eugene Guile, Rev. Bert Turner

Captain Eugene Guile, a former army swimming instructor, discusses with Pyne the frequent drowning deaths of our soldiers. He also discusses the many different methods of swimming instruction, as well as essential swimming knowledge.

Here, Pyne discusses the differences in what the Romanian people call “Romanian Communism” as opposed to “Russian Communism”, a developed after Jovin’s departure for the United States. Jovin firmly believes that the way the Russian and Russian-influenced officials run their respective countries were opposed by majorities of the citizens of country, which led to a more relaxed governing style for Romania. Pyne makes what seems to be a sincere interest in understanding why Jovin decided to leave, and what he fees about Romania's government.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 5 -- Barbara Tidwell, Raleigh Wilkerson

Tidwell is a specialist on “Pleasing The American Husband”. Pyne interviews her on the topic and the book of the same title.

A traveling painter, Raleigh Wilkerson shares his experiences of being an artist at sea.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 6 -- Ed Aschell, Emil Swartz

Aschell has built a UFO (Flying Saucer) that supposedly has the capabilities of ‘transporting’ a human to the edge of space. Pyne discusses the specifics of the UFO, Aschell’s credibility and his theories on the existence of extraterrestrial life, modern warfare and physics.    

“We live in a phony system.”  Emil Swarz, an older gentleman with an unusual academic qualifications, discusses with Pyne his opinions on America's capitalistic society.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 7 -- John Lockwood, Milos Kirk
Lockwood believes to have perfectly integrated the “normal man” and the "hippie" lifestyle. He also discusses his belief that he has psychic powers. Pyne does his best to make sense out of Lockwood's philosophy.

Milos Kirk, a former guerrilla soldier, discusses with Joe Pyne the differences between conventional fighting and Guerilla warfare, and why he believes that it is extremely difficult to defeat with conventional military force.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 8 -- William Greene, Don McGuire

William Greene, representint the "American Equities Group," explains how individuals can claim wealth that is just waiting for them to claim it.  He explains how properties left by distant relatives are just waiting to be claimed, and his company's process of discovering them and aiding in recovering them for the rightful owners.

A popular entertainer and producer, McGuire discusses his book about California politics. Pyne discusses McGuire's believe that California politics are truly debased and freightening.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 9 - Robert Humphries, Dick Ault
“The United States Mission Inc.” is an organization created by Humphries – “a homophile” who views it as his religious-based mission to re-orient homosexuals.

Dick Ault, his wife and his 3-year old daughter have planned for five years to temporarily live on an uninhabited island. Pyne explores what led the Ault family to plan the project, and what the think it will achieve for them.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 10 -- Mama Cave, F. S. Donn

Mama Cave discusses her support of  “hippie-cryts” and "black militants." She provides both with shelter, advice, support, food and clothing for what others treat as “social outcasts.” Pyne gets Cave to explain how God has directed her to this endeavor.

F. S. Donn is a non-denominational Christian who believe Armageddon is imminent, that Jews are the “chosen people,” and that humankind pollutes or destroys everything it encounters.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 11 -- Miles Clark, Dennis Fitzpatrick

Miles Clark has written “Every Day, I’m on a Journey”, a book about his life starting from the moment of his birth -- why he came to write the book, and the meaning he wants us all to take from it.

Fitzpatrick performs and records “psychedelic” church services. Pyne gets him to explain what they are, and what he hopes to achieve with them, and whether he has achieved his goal.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 12 -- Cherie Parker, Laird Brook Schmidt

Parker believes that recently-divorced women make a mistake in immediately searching for a new spouse.

Schmidt is a former teacher who gave up teaching when schools rejected his teaching style, to become an actor.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 13 -- John Arakelian, R. D. Rogers

John Arakelian and his brother tried to escape execution at “The Death March” in Armenia by disguising themselves as women. Arakelian survived, but his brother did not.  Pyne discusses with him the Turkish oppression and genocide of Armenians, Christianity, Islam, and the state of affairs in Armenia which led to the genocide.

Rogers thinks there should be a law against Jewish men marrying non-Jewish women. She discusses her beliefs and understandings of Jewish society; specifically their rearing of children.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 14 -- Charles Conley Lynch

Joe Pyne interviews Ku Klux Klan member Charles Conley Lynch on his views and beliefs.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 15 -- Felix J. Frazer

Joe Pyne interviews Felix J. Frazer on his belief in  Faith Healing.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 16 -- Robert Welch

Joe Pyne interviews the leader and founder of one of the nations most controversial conservative organizations The John Birch Society.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 17 -- Paul Costi, Jane Doe

Joe Pyne interviews Paul Costi, America's self-professed "Number One Bookie."

Jane Doe is the  author of the book "Crazy" in which he relates her real-life experiences in a mental institution.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 18 -- Dr. Patricia A. Eckley, Jess Stearn

Joe Pyne interviews Doctor Patricia A. Eckley, author of the book "Against The Tide: A Psychiatric Case Study"  on her views on how our mental health challenges should be met.

Jess Stearn is the author of "Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet."

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 19 -- Peter Melnick, Beverly Aadland

Joe Pyne interviews Peter Melnick on his views and beliefs about God.

Pyne interviews Beverly Aadland, who was a teenaged mistress of Errol Flynn when he was in his 40s, resulting in his accusation of statutory rape.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 20 -- Michael Laski

Joe Pyne interviews Michael Laski, an avowed American communist who believes that Communist China's development of nuclear weapons will guarantee world peace.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 21 -- Jacqueline Cochran, Dr. Hugh J. Schonfield

Joe Pyne interviews Jacqueline Cochran, the famed woman pilot, about her dream of becoming the first female astronaut.

Pyne interviews Dr. Hugh J. Schonfield about his new book "The Passover Plot," in which Schonfield presents his theory that Jesus did not die on the cross, and that therefore there was no resurrection.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 22 -- Social Sex, Robert Nelson and Dr. Ralph Mackie

Joe Pyne interviews Pete and Betty Wilson, practitioners and supporters of what they call "Social Sex."

Pyne interviews Robert Nelson and Dr. Ralph Mackie on their disagreement as to whether the human body can be frozen indefinitely, to be subsequently thawed and brought back to life, theoretically extending life indefinitely.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 23 -- C. B Buchanan, Arnold Lupine, Howard Jarvis

Joe Pyne interviews C. B Buchanan, author of the book "How To Get The Right Job In Selling And Marketing."

Joe Pyne interviews Arnold Lupine, a consulting hypnotist, on his work with doctors and dentists.

Joe Pyne interviews Howard Jarvis, founder of the original Conservative Party.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 24 -- Nick Stewart, William Breedlove, Louis T. Culling

Joe Pyne interviews Nick Stewart,  comedian, writer, producer and former Lightnin’ on the Amos and Andy Show. He is also the founder of The Ebony Showcase Theatre of Arts and Cultural Center.

Joe Pyne interviews William Breedlove,  author of the book "Swap Clubs." In this interview Breedlove discusses his experiences with marital swap clubs.

Joe Pyne interviews Louis T. Culling on his practice of "Sex Magic."

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 25 -- Dr. Robert L. Wyckoff, Susy Smith, Dr. Jim Jones, Ralph Ginzburg

Joe Pyne interviews Dr. Robert L Wyckoff, president of the organization Friends of Rhodesia. In this interview Dr. Wyckoff explains how his group can and must support Rhodesia.

Joe Pyne interviews Susy Smith,  author of the book "ESP for the Millions."

Joe Pyne interviews Dr. Jim Jones, author of the book "Count To Four."

Joe Pyne interviews Ralph Ginzburg, who has been sentenced to five years in prison for having published the magazine "Eros," that he says was devoted to the joys of love and sex, but which the authorities and the courts declared to be pornography.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 26 -- Skip Newhall, Bill Johns, William J. Kurdi

Joe Pyne interviews Skip Newhall, an avowed Atheist.

Joe Pyne interviews Bill Johns, author of the book "The Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy."

Joe Pyne interviews psychologist William J. Kurdi, an expert on spousal abuse, and the categories of wives of abusive alcoholics.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 27 -- Mary Ellen Cranford, Paul Popenoe, Jay Richard Kennedy

Joe Pyne interviews Mary Ellen Cranford about her opposition to the federal income tax.

Joe Pyne interviews Paul Popenoe,  founder of the "American Institute of Family Relations." In this interview Pyne and Popenoe discuses the advantages of why and how an affair can help preserve a marriage.

Joe Pyne interviews Jay Richard Kennedy, author of the controversial best-seller "Favor The Runner."

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 28 -- Alfred Hassler, Jerry Leblanc, Dr. Richard Armour

Joe Pyne interviews Alfred Hassler, the National Executive Sectretary of the "Fellowship of Reconciliation," and an author for an a director of the magazine "Fellowship."

Joe Pyne interviews Jerry Leblanc,  a reporter for the Santa Monica Outlook, who relates his experiences as a spy.

Joe Pyne interviews Dr. Richard Armour, a college professor and author of  "Going Around in Academic Circles."

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 29 -- Jim Hardin, Adele I. Springer, Dr. Alveray Hunkins

Joe Pyne interviews Jim Hardin, who believes the United States Government has lied about its involvement in the Dominican Republic.

Joe Pyne interviews Adele I. Springer about her views on a "world court."

Joe Pyne interviews Doctor Alveray Hunkins about his views on Medicare.

 The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 30 -- Allen Noonan, Dave Burke, William Rendell

Joe Pyne interviews Allen Noonan, who believes himself to be the Messiah.

Joe Pyne interviews Dave Burke, the National Director of the "Parachute Club of America," who defends the dangerous sport of skydiving.

Joe Pyne interviews William Rendell, author of  "How To Live Younger And Look Younger."

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 31 -- Donald E. Smallwood, Dolly Facter, Lawrence Lipton

Joe Pyne interviews Donald E. Smallwood, attorney at law, who in a letter to the editor of a major newspaper attacks the American Bar Association for avoiding its responsibilities to the public as well as to the profession.

Joe Pyne interviews Dolly Facter, author of  "The Doctrine of The Buddha."

Joe Pyne interviews Lawrence Lipton,  who says he has been unfairly vilified by the right wing.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 32 -- Arthur Karsten, Abbie Taylor, Charles W. Doak

Joe Pyne interviews Professor Arthur Karsten about Medicare.

Joe Pyne interviews Abbie Taylor, whose professed job is to persuade married persons to become sexually-involved with other married persons.

Joe Pyne interviews Charles W. Doak, Chairman of the "Church and Society Comity of the Presbyter,"  one of the nation's largest and most influential institutions of the  Presbyter of Los Angeles, California.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 33 -- Norris and Ross McWhirter, Jean Davis, William Douglas Lansford

Joe Pyne interviews Norris and Ross McWhirter,  the twin editors of "The Guinness Book of World Records."

Joe Pyne interviews Jean Davis, about her escape from captivity in Africa.

oe Pyne interviews William Douglas Lansford,  author of "Pancho Villa," which critics and experts agree contains  information and photographs never before published of and about the famed Mexican revolutionary.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 34 -- Sally Rand, Reverend Clifford Carpenter, Dr. Robert L. Doctor

Jop Pyne interviews Sally Rand, inventor of the srip-tease fan dance, a living legend in the entrainment business.  [See also, the Soundies page on, where you can see a video of her performing a fan dance.]

Joe Pyne interviews Reverend Clifford Carpenter about his belief that Bible can be better understood when one accepts and understands UFOs.

Joe Pyne interviews Dr. Robert L. Doctor on his beliefs that television may be creating a new kind of disadvantaged child.

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 35 -- Jack J. Rosenthal, Reba Meadows, Henry Still

Joe Pyne interviews Jack J. Rosenthal, a West Coast attorney,  on his views of the reasons for the high divorce rate.

Joe Pyne interviews Reba Meadows,  an admitted lesbian, alcoholic, and prostitute.

Joe Pyne interviews Henry Still, author of "Will The Human Race Survive?"

The Joe Pyne Radio Show, Volume 36 -- Robert E. Schmidt, James Clancy & Dean Pitztal, Senator Alvin C. Weingand & Elizabeth Brereton

Joe Pyne interviews Robert E. Schmidt, coauthor of  "Nowhere To Go… But Out!"

Joe Pyne interviews James Clancy, an attorney for "The Citizens for Decent Literature" and attorney Dean Pitztal.

Joe Pyne interviews State Senator Alvin C. Weingand, representing Santa Barbara, California, regarding his proposal for self-defense training for girls.

Joe Pyne interviews former police woman Elizabeth Brereton.

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